A Better Approach to the State Budget Webinar


Join us on June 21 from 1 PM to 2 PM for our upcoming webinar: A Better Approach for the State Budget.

Connecticut’s budget is the clearest statement of its policy priorities. As such, it should prioritize revenue and expense options that advance long-term inclusive economic prosperity, improve equity, and prepare our children for success.

The current budget proposals adopt an austerity mindset.

They contain little new revenue and, to the extent they do bring in additional revenue, do so by raising taxes on low- to middle-income families by cutting or eliminating the earned income tax credit and property tax credit. At the same time, they provide some 600 of the state’s wealthiest families with an average tax break of $100,000. That’s not shared sacrifice. It is not a recipe for long-term growth and shared prosperity.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the state budget, solutions to avoid yet another a cuts-only approach, and ways to take action.

The webinar will be streamed live on YouTube. RSVP here so you can submit questions and receive all the slides and materials.





A Beautiful Day for Baseball

What a nice way to finish out the WHEA calendar!  Temperatures tonight at Dunkin Donuts park at game time are expected to be in the 70’s and seats are still available either online or at the park for those of you who may be considering joining us.
We have broken the 100+ mark for the first time in a while.  More than 100 teachers, friends and families will be sitting in sections 113 and 114 tonight.  According to the website, there are still seats in or near theses sections available.
Traffic may be a bit heavier than normal due to the Tom Petty concert at the XL Center, so be aware.
If you have already paid for your tickets through WHEA, those should be picked up at Will Call.
A huge thanks to Eric Feeney and Laurie Noyes for coordinating this event.
Go Goats!
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Teacher Rally!

CT_state_capitol_tower_&_domePlease plan now to attend next Thursday’s Teachers’ Rally, (May 18th), on the north lawn of the State Capitol in Hartford, beginning at 5:00 PM.  There will not be any buses supplied by the WHEA, but there is ample parking in the area.  Included here is a link to information provided by the CEA, as well as a map of Hartford for your convenience.

There are many buses available to you departing from locations around the state.  When you go to register you will find these locations listed.


The rally is the same night as our recognition dinner so Continue reading