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facebook-icon-preview-1WHEA is proud to announce that we have at long last stepped into the world of social media.  We now have a Facebook page in addition to our website that will allow us to connect like never before.
As a WHEA member you are hereby invited to “like us” on Facebook.


We understand that some of you do not like to receive political messages at work.  As a sign of respect for that sentiment, we are going to attempt to use 3 different means of communication with you.  The WHEA email group will continue to be used for messages that affect us all.  The Alternate Email Group will be used for messages related to political activism.  Continue reading

An Act Concerning Residential Water

Thank you for your interest in the proposed Niagara Bottling Company’s plant in Bloomfield. As a result of hearing from concerned citizens like yourself, Senator Bye submitted legislative language to the Planning and Development Committee, and today they released SB 422 An Act Concerning Residential Water Rates, Public Drinking Water Supply Emergencies and Sellers of Bottled Water.
If you are interested in voicing your support for this legislation, the Planning and Development Committee will be holding a Public Hearing on Friday, March 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM in Hearing Room 2A of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106. Legislators will listen to speakers share their thoughts. Each speaker receives 3 minutes to testify and speakers will be timed. Legislators may also ask questions after a speaker’s testimony is provided. Speaker order will be determined by a lottery system. Further details regarding signing up to speak will be forthcoming.

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Niagra Water Update

Dear WHEA,
I would like to keep you informed about the water issue.
Water is bought, bottled, and shipped all over the place.  There is nothing new about that.  What is new is that a water bottling plant wants to settle in our own backyard and now, for many people, its personal.
Niagara wants to buy some land in Bloomfield, set up a bottle manufacturing plant and a bottling plant by November, truck in spring water by tanker truck (200 trucks per day), extract water by special pipeline from the MDC supply (the Farmington River Watershed), mix the spring water with the MDC water, repackage the mixture and market it as spring water, and make a profit in the process.  To accomplish this, they have made deals with the MDC to purchase the water at a reduced rate and get their assistance in the completion of a large pipeline to their soon to be acquired property.  They have also gotten a tax abatement from the town of Bloomfield with the promise of bringing a whopping 40 jobs to the community.

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Niagra Bottling Plant

​Dear Members
Ordinarily, the WHEA email group list is only used for union and district matters, but every once in a while there is an issue that is larger and more important.
If you have not heard about the deal between Niagra Water Bottling Co. and the town of Bloomfield and the MDC, you need to be aware.  This affects every user of water in the entire MDC area.
I attended an informational meeting last night along with dozens of other concerned citizens, several school board members, several town council people, and Senator Beth Bye.  The goal of the meeting was to learn what is happening and to plan the beginnings of a strategy to stop this deal.

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