Building Reps

CEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

School Last Name of Officer First Name of officer Position
Aiken McKeown Theresa President
Conard Dippolino Dave Executive Vice President
Hall Simon David Administrative Vice President
Whiting Lane Lacroix Michelle Treasurer
Sedgwick Bogdan Joyce PR Chair
Duffy Garand Lisa Rep Council Chair
Name of School Last Name of Rep First Name of Rep Position
Aiken Horan Lisa  Building Rep
Vaninwagen Pat   Building Rep
Braeburn Mann June   Building Rep
Bristow Demonti Dino   Building Rep
Pelliccioni Marcelo   Building Rep
 Bugbee  Weber  Anthony   Building Rep
Charter Oak Dunn Jessica   Building Rep
Rausch  Lillian   Building Rep
Conard Decker Tim   Building Rep
Houlihan Ann Marie   Building Rep
Mahr Colleen   Building Rep
Duffy Levanti Sheila   Building Rep
Newman Christine   Building Rep
Hall Devine Tom   Building Rep
Wilkosz Michael   Building Rep
Loebell Robert   Building Rep
Nicklas Michelle   Building Rep
King Philip Chouinard Sarah   Building Rep
LaPointe Shana   Building Rep
Rauseo Erin   Building Rep
Morley Aparo Mike   Building Rep
Davis Trudy   Building Rep
Norfeldt Wares Megan   Building Rep
Forzley Anne   Building Rep
Retired WHEA Fisher Carole   Building Rep
Hughlett Helen   Building Rep
Sedgwick Chris Bombara  Building Rep
Tauro Jennifer   Building Rep
Smith Callahan Lesley   Building Rep
Hardesty Kathy   Building Rep
STRIVE/WAAVE/ACHIEVE Peterson Elisabeth   Building Rep
Town Hall Lestini Mary  alt Chalise Ross
Webster Hill  Kotler  Debbie   Building Rep
Whiting Lane  NEED 3
Wolcott Fagan Cathy   Building Rep
Feeney Eric   Building Rep
Kropp Lisa   Building Rep

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