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Dear Colleagues,
I hope your year has gotten off to a smooth start.  I wanted to just take the opportunity to remind you of who the building reps are for each school.  These folks are an excellent resource for advice or for communication with WHEA leadership.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them and please feel free to introduce yourself to them if you do not know yet who they are.  Also, please be aware that the WHEA website is a great source of information as well.  (
Finally, please know that WHEA bylaws allow for 1 rep for every 20 teachers at each school.  We certainly welcome any new building reps who would like to become more involved in the WHEA to email me for more information.
Elementary Schools:
Aiken:  Pat Vaninwagen, Lisa Horan
Braeburn:  June Mann, Tracey Rotella, Kim Maloney (Theresa MaKeown is at multiple schools, is the CEA legislative chair, and is an excellent resource as well)
Bugbee:  Anthony Weber
Charter Oak:  Jessica Dunn
Duffy:  Sheila Levanti, Christine Newman
Morley:  Megan Wares, Mike Aparo
Norfeldt:  Trudy Davis, Anne Forzley
Smith: Marilyn Tracy, Kathy Hardesty, Lesley Callahan
Webster Hill:  Debbie Kotler
Whiting Lane: Michelle Lacroix (also WHEA Treasurer)
Wolcott:  Cathy Fagan, Lisa Kropp, Eric Feeney (also Social Chair)
Middle Schools:
Bristow:  Jared Leghorn, Marcelo Pelliclioni, Dino Demonti
King Philip:  Shana LaPointe, Erin Rauseo
Sedgwick:  Jen Prigodich, Jen Tauro, Chris Bombara, Trevor Coon, Joyce Bogden (also PR chair), Ted Goerner (WHEA pres.) (and John Tracey is Political Action Chair)
High Schools:
Conard:  Tim Decker, Colleen Maher, Boniface Jacobs, Anne Marie Houlihan, Adam Linker
Hall:  Chris Bivona, Kim Hart-Kindelberger, Rob Loebell, Michelle Nicklas, Michael Wilkosz, (Lara White is ethnic affairs chair) (Tom Devine and Dave Simon are V.P.’s)
Strive (Wampanoag)::  Elisabeth Peterson
Town Hall:  Mary Lestini
Retired:  Helen Hughlett, Carole Fisher

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