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facebook-icon-preview-1WHEA is proud to announce that we have at long last stepped into the world of social media.  We now have a Facebook page in addition to our website that will allow us to connect like never before.
As a WHEA member you are hereby invited to “like us” on Facebook.


We understand that some of you do not like to receive political messages at work.  As a sign of respect for that sentiment, we are going to attempt to use 3 different means of communication with you.  The WHEA email group will continue to be used for messages that affect us all.  The Alternate Email Group will be used for messages related to political activism.  The Facebook page will be used as a two way “semi-public” portal of communication.  It will only be visible to friends but of course that means that it could be visible to anyone.
If you are a WHEA member and you “friend” us, then you are in.  The page will be managed and maintained by members of the Exec committee.  Only messages of a professional and colleagial nature will be posted.  We welcome pedagogical stuff, content specific stuff, and yes…even political stuff….even if it is at odds with current dogma…..as long as it is respectful.


Thanks to Lara White for creating this page and providing the impetus.
We would remind you to access this page outside of work hours.
Thanks so much
Ted Goerner, Lara White, and the WHEA Exec Team

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We are the official page of the West Hartford Education Association, in West Hartford, CT.
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