Leslie Bruenn

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  1. Eva Pandiscia says:

    All the best to you, Leslie! I hope you find some time to relax! I will miss your warm greetings! Thank you for always caring!

    • Areej Nitowski says:

      Mornings will never be the same without your daily greeting. You always got my day started, and the hallway won’t ever be the same. Thank you for your friendship. It’s priceless. Live you Les!

  2. Areej Nitowski says:

    That’s supposed to say “Love you Les!”… maybe my next stretch goal should be texting??!!

  3. Maxine Smith says:

    Congratulations Leslie..you are such a kind and caring person to your students and your colleagues. I will never forget the years when you were a team leader you always went out of your way to be inclusive. You always made me feel welcome and part of the team. You do the same for your students everyday!! I will miss our check-ins on how our families are doing : ). Also, you are one of few people who always remember my birthday : )…I am glad you are not going too far away and that you will still be part of WHPS. I wish you and Carl the very best!!

    Hugs and kisses and thanks for being you,

    Maxine : )

  4. Ms. Cindy L Rodriguez says:

    Best wishes to you, Leslie, and congratulations on your retirement!

  5. Rebecca Dautrich says:

    We’re going to miss you so much!!! Thanks for being such an awesome team member and always sharing the best stories. Enjoy the next chapter! 🙂

  6. Sophie Gocheva says:

    Congratulations, Leslie!
    Sedgwick teachers and students will feel your absence next year! I will miss how you do something special for everyone’s birthday, and get to know each of your students so well. Your time in West Hartford was a benefit to everyone you worked with and taught. You deserve a long and relaxing retirement, with plenty of time near the water.
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, especially during such a hard time last year!

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