William Condon

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  1. Stephanie Moran says:

    Mr. Condon, I never had the privilege of getting to know you, but my husband, David, and my son, Martin, both think the world of you. I know you must be wonderful! And what an impressive run you have had in teaching and coaching! Thank you for everything you have done for Martin, and I wish you much health and happiness in retirement. Cheers!

  2. Katelyn Madden says:

    Dear Mr. Condon,

    I had you as a Biology teacher 16 years ago at Conard, and I can honestly say that if it weren’t for you I would not be where I am in life today. You sparked my interest in Biology so much that I continued to study it through college and got a joint degree in Elementary Education and Biology. Today I am the one and only elementary science teacher in West Hartford because of you. You helped to show me that science can be fun, and interesting. You also helped to show me that science can be a career field for women. Words can not even begin to express how grateful I am for you and all you taught me. Please know that every time I step into my classroom, you will continue to touch the lives of students, because of the way you touched mine. I wish you all the best in your retirement you so deserve it!!!

    Katelyn (Fournier) Madden

  3. Jackie Corricelli says:


    It has been a pleasure working with you. One of the things I respect about you is you are not afraid to stand up for your convictions.

    I wish you a long and happy retirement. I’ll miss seeing you at Conard.


  4. Kristen Rubin says:

    Congratulations, Bill! I will miss my Community partner! Best wishes for your well-deserved retirement. Enjoy your new grandson!

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