CEA Professional Learning Academy

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CEA Annual RA

This last weekend, several West Hartford teachers attended the annual CEA RA in Hartford.  I want to take a moment to publicly thank those teachers and to quickly explain what the R.A. is.

If you see any of the following teachers today, please take a moment to thank them for their service.  Theresa McKeown, Michelle Lacroix, Tom Devine, Marilyn Tracy, Joyce Bogdan, Lillian Rausch, Eric Feeney, Marcelo Pelliccioni, David Dippolino, and myself spent about 5 hours on Friday after school and about 6 or 7 hours on Saturday at the Hartford Convention Center.

R.A. stands for representative assembly.  If you picture a session of congress or a delegate convention, then you have a good idea of what an R.A. is.  About 400 CEA members from across the state gathered to discuss, debate, and vote on a wide range of issues.  Elections for CEA take place at the R.A. as well and we elected the CEA treasurer, secretary, and Ethnic Affairs Director for the next two years.

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CEA Summer Leadership

Each year in early August, WHEA sends a group to the CEA Summer Leadership Conference at Mohegan Sun.
There are a variety of workshops that are available to members.  The cost of your room (double occupancy) and all meals are covered by CEA and WHEA.  If you prefer a private room, you simply pay the difference in cost between the single and the double.
Click here for the Summer Leadership Brochure.  Please look at it and consider attending.
There are two new workshops that may be of interest:  1.  Building Rep Training   and 2.  Organizing Against the Workplace Bully.  We are extremely interested in training some new reps for Conard.  Our previous reps have all taken on new responsibilities over the last few years and we need some new recruits to replace them.
In addition to these new workshops, there are the usual excellent classes on negotiating, grievance processing, organizing to build power, and PDEC training (PLEC training).
Registration is now open.  Simply email me (Ted Goerner) and I will get you registered.   If you need more info,, just ask.
The dates are August 1 – 3.

CEA Summer Leadership Conference

 This year the conference will be from August 1st through 3rd

It is held at Mohegan Sun and is free to any member.

There are always a number of excellent workshops offered.  There are two new workshops available this year-  Building Rep Training and Organizing Against the Workplace Bully.  Other training opportunities include:  Beginning Negotiations, Advanced Negotiations, Grievance Processing, Organizing to Build Power, and PDEC training (PLEC in WeHa).
If you would like to become a building rep, this is a great opportunity to have fun and learn about your role.  If you are on the PLEC committee and would like to learn more about state laws related to TeVal and how Teval is being done in other districts, please consider this.  If you are concerned about the constant attacks on labor unions around the country and want to help the WHEA to be a stronger organization, please consider attending.  Or if you simply want to become more involved in the WHEA and CEA, come on down.
Simply email me to state your interest and I will get you registered.  More info on this conference will be available soon on the CEA website.
Ted Goerner