House Bill 141

House Bill 141 was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives.  This is a Social Security Reform Bill, Social Security Fairness Act of 2019-2020.  This is to repeal the Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision (GPO/WEP.).  This is especially important to second career teachers who have more than 40 credits of social security.

You can call, enter the information on your representative’s website (see contact info. below) or write/mail.
Here is a generic letter to send to your U.S. House of Representatives or use parts to send or call.

Find your U. S. Legislators

John Larson  860-278-8888
Jim Himes  860-453-0028
Jahana Hayes  806-223-8412
Joe Courtney 860-886-0139
Rosa DeLauro 203-562-3718
You can also ask your friends and family members to write to their U.S. Representative in any state!
Please contact your U.S. Representative!
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Social Security Reform

This is the year that Social Security Reform will likely come to a vote on the floor of the US House of Representatives. It almost did last year.

Fortunately, we have CT Representative John Larson chairing the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security. On Jan. 30, he will introduce a Social Security Reform Bill.

House Bill 141, Social Security Fairness Act of 2019 – 2020, is to repeal the GPO/WEP.

What is the GPO? Government Pension Offset

What is the WEP? Windfall Elimination Provision

Why should you be interested? Because your retirement pension will be impacted in certain circumstances!!!

Particularly if you are a second-career teacher and have more than 40 credits of Social Security.

To the best of my knowledge, Representatives John Larson, Jim Himes, and Jahana Hayes have not signed on to co-sponsor this bill. I suggest you reach out to contact them to co-sponsor this important bill.

John Larson: 860-278-8888

Jim Himes: 860-453-0028

Jahana Hayes: 860-223-8412

It is important that they be contacted in order to include the repeal of the GPO/WEP in any Social Security Reform Bill.

Representatives Joe Courtney and Rosa Delauro have already co-sponsored the repeal bill. You could thank them and ask them to urge their colleagues to co-sponsor H.R.141 as well.

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WHEA World Newsletter December 2018

WHEA World Newsletter Volume 10 Issue 2



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Press Release: Health Insurance a Sticking Point

For Immediate Release
November 19, 2018

Health Insurance a Sticking Point in West Hartford Teacher Contract Negotiations
Board of Education says no to moving to the state plan, which would save local taxpayers millions.

Teacher contract negotiations in West Hartford are at a standstill over the issue of health insurance. The West Hartford Education Association, representing more than 900 teachers, has asked the town to move teachers to the State Partnership Health Insurance plan. The move would save the town nearly a million dollars a year, but the Board of Education is refusing the proposal, opting for a plan that would be more costly to teachers.

“Moving to the state healthcare plan is a win-win for teachers and West Hartford taxpayers, providing a means to combat increasing health insurance costs,” said West Hartford Education Association President Theresa McKeown. “The plan would save the district over $800,000 in the current year, and over a million dollars a year for the life of the contract.” Continue reading

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David Simon WH BOE Meeting Nov. 20th

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