Educating with Pride!

Educating With Pride! 
Knowing Your Rights and Being Yourself

The goal of this CEA workshop is to educate LGBTQ+ educators and
allies on their rights in and out of the classroom and discuss how
best to support themselves, colleagues, and students.

Register for the Monday, March 27th workshop by sending an email to: Conard High School, Room #169 from 4:00 – 6:30 pm.

Register for the virtual Wednesday, May 10th 4:00 pm workshop at:

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WHEA World February 2023

WHEA World, Vol. 14, Issue 2 (February, 2022)

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Why are union dues no longer deductible?

Employees can no longer deduct union dues in tax years 2018 through 2025 as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which Congress signed into law on December 22, 2017. However, if you’re self-employed, you can still deduct union dues as a business expense.

But, here is the good news…


Did you know there are 30 possible deduction codes for your paycheck? We are trying to put together something that can be easily read for you all.


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Please Add Your Voice!!

Legislative – Our goal this year is to have all members email their elected officials.  Here is the LINK for legislator look-ups.

The following are a list of Concept Bills that are advancing the CEA legislative priorities.  The senators and representatives that are supporting these bills are listed next to each item.  These are the legislators that we need to lobby to get these bills passed.

 Proposed Concept Bills Advancing CEA Priorities:

Senate Bill 1: Education Transparency (Senator Looney)

House Bill 5003: Educational Funding (Representative Curry)

Pension Covid Credit  (Representative Doucette)

END EdTpa (Representative Sanchez)

Student Loan Tax Credits (Representative Sanchez)

Providing Tuition Assistance  (Representatives Paris and Exum)

Review Statewide Standardized Assessments (Representatives Poulos, Brown, and Howard)

Implementing Recommendations of School IAQ Workshop (Senator Kushnew and Representative Leeper)

Providing School IAQ- Indoor Air Quality (Senator Anwar)

Raise Kindergarten State Age (Representatives Brown and Foster)

Increase Funding For Bi-Lingual Education (Representative Sanchez)

Addressing Educator Safety (Representative Cook)

Suspend Foundations of Reading Survey (Senator Miller)

Teacher Certification Provision (Representative Gibson)

Your voice matters!  One of the best ways you can advocate for educational change is by contacting your local legislators.  Not sure what to write? Check out this great resource for tips and sample letters.

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Run for WHEA officer position!

Hello WHEA-

Michelle Nicklas, WHEA Rep Council Chairperson, here again encouraging you to become  a REP COUNCIL member or step up your association game by running for one of the 4 Officer Titles: President, Executive VP, Administrative VP, or Treasurer.

In order to petition an office, you must have been a WHEA member for at least 2 years immediately prior to candidacy. To help you in the petition process, I am attaching the 2023 Petition for Office where you should get 15 signatures of current members (by March 1) with the ByLaws on the same page, and another attachment describing the officers’ duties.

If you choose to petition an office, please email me the petition form with signatures or send the form interoffice mail to The Nominating Committee c/o WHEA Office by March 1, 2023.

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